Visited Huawei’s Dongguan and Shenzhen headquarters and attended the exchange meeting on digital transformation of financial industry

Delegation of 13 representatives from ABM management team including ABM Chairman, Mr. Ip Sio Kai, Executive Directors, Mr. Ling Chen and Ms. Jane Kong Pui Si, Board of Directors, Mr. Zhang Aihua and Mr. Eric Chan, Supervisory Board Secretary, Mr. Huang Ruisheng, Richard and representative from Vice Chairman bank, Mr. Ieong Kim Man, etc. visited Huawei’s Training Center, Songshan Lake “European Town”, Dongguan Data Center, Enterprise Digital Exhibition Hall in Huawei’s Dongguan and Shenzhen headquarters. Moreover, an exchange conference on “Financial Industry Digital Transformation” was hold to discuss on the digital development of Macao financial industry. The delegation visit helped to provide a strong support on digital finance transformation of the financial industry.