Visited the “National Security Education Exhibition”

ABM invited executives of member banks to visit the “National Security Education Exhibition” which was organized by the Macao SAR Government and the Macao Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government. The exhibition was to learn and understand the overall national security concept under the scientific guidance in the new era, the significant improvement of national security system and modernization level, a series of new great achievements and development in security and various fields, etc. and how Macao SAR government will continue to improve and maintain the national security system, and actively integrate into the overall situation of national development with the support from mainland. ABM Chairman, Mr. Ip Sio Kai, Vice-Chairman, Mr. Sam Tou, Executive Directors, Mr. Felix Chan, Mr. Guo Yi Ming, Ms. Xia Ying, Mr. Kelvin Lou and 37 representatives from member banks joined the visit.